Amassing a large amount of debt is very easy but paying down on the debt is where most consumers are lost in translation. Well over 90% of Americans do not know that Congress has enacted laws to help them improve their credit rating by disputing inaccurate, misleading or unsubstantiated items in their credit report. And this is where professional credit repair companies come in.

Congressional laws have given people with bad credit the opportunity to turn back the clock and restore their credit. Many people get denied when they apply for home mortgages and auto loans, apartment rentals, and even employment because they have less than perfect credit. But today with the help of credit repair laws, many people will be able to repair their credit so they can get competitive rates and in the end, save lots and lots of money which would have been wasted on late fees and other charges.

A recent study by an independent group revealed that about 90% of all Americans have less than perfect credit. But these people do not know that there are Congressional laws that accord them the right and opportunity to fix their credit. They are stuck in a very tight financial corner not knowing what to do. They do not even know that Congressional laws allow them to legally repair their credit.

First and foremost, every American knows that credit affects all aspects of their lives. Most people have been very fortunate to maintain very good credit scores which are in stem competitive rates but on the other hand, many people have been very unlucky swimming in a lot of debt due to several reasons.

I have heard all kinds of stories about how my clients got into bad credit environments. Most of them told me that they have not paid their bills for very long time and they want to buy their dream house, Ward, they won the by an expensive car. A good percentage of them have had life changing events beyond their control and some of them are just starting out with no credit history at all.

No matter what your reason for having bad credit is, the truth is that it affects your life every single day and it hurts to have a bad credit. Bad credit can cost you a great deal in life. It can cost you that dream house that you have been working on dreaming about all your life; it can skyrocket your interest rates; you’re lender can deny you a loan or credit because of bad credit; a landlord can deny you an apartment rental because you have bad credit; and you may not get that job that you have dreamed about because of bad credit.

Your credit follows you like a shadow. In fact, you credit determines what type of house and neighborhood you live in a determines the kind of car you drive and it sure determines where you shop. This is why repairing your credit is extremely important especially in the kind of economy we are today.

Let me give you a local instance. I have a friend who’s credit score was 548. It was very difficult for him to get it car loan approval for a 2008 Camry. His interest rate was 9.5% and his monthly payment was $595. His insurance premium was $325 because of his bad credit. I have another friend who’s credit score was 780. His interest rate was 4.5% and his monthly payment on 2010 Mercedes-Benz was $385 and his insurance premium was $155 per month. You can now see how much bad credit can hurt. My first friend pays a car note and insurance premium on a 2008 Camry which is much higher than my second friend pays for his 2001 Mercedes-Benz. The difference here is very clear.

If you have bad credit, do not sit on it because the more you sit on it the worse your credit gets and the more you get buried in debt. You have tools available to correct your bad credit, recycle it, and get back into the good credit neighborhood so you can get competitive rates, appetizing offers from lenders, and so you will be able to get that job off your dreams. Get up! Pick up that phone and call. You will be glad you did.